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The right person

What is love? When we know for sure that we met the right person? What is the best person with whom to spend the rest of our life? How do we recognize him? What if is gonna deceive us?

Each of us feels that falls in love within a certain time of life. First we manifest a physical attraction and then we want to spend increasingly more time with the person we love. Go out together as much as we want to do as many things in common. We get to know each other. But in most cases, physical attraction prevails. When you asked someone how is the man of her dreams, they say to be intelligent, kind, to have the sense of humor and so on…but lets be honest, this things you discover during a relationship. When we met for the first time, first is the physical attraction and after we get to know each other we discover other qualities.
We prefer to live each moment based on our senses and nothing else. Reason does not really have a place where there is a strong chemistry. The logic is illogical andĀ  thinking is not coordinated by the brain. If at first the relationship is quite simple, being resumed only at the kisses and hugs, later the hugs become caressesĀ  increasingly more passionate and all this will lead to sex. If sex occurs early in a relationship, it is possible to confuse love with the feeling of physical attraction. The confusion is quite large and very few are those who realize. Usually, people who have more experience realize that. After this confusion had to suffer, most often women. They are those who are quick to pull conclusions hasty and end up lost in details and seeking the most plausible explanation.
The result too often does not coincide with reality. As an excuse for their naivety is the sentimentality and low resistance to sensitivity of women, unlike man who mastered best in an emotional situation, or at least is a good actor. If our intention is to keep our relationship and partner for life, it is necessary to look at the relationship detached, objective, whether men or women.

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